Train/s/ed Tracks

The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole

Fell in love on the train

as he walked on board.

Frame tall

Eyes blue

Voice ringing true with his past.

Saying ‘tree’ instead of three

when he clocked me five past noon, my hands turned.

No name known, but I knew him, you see.

‘My dear sir,’ I struggled to speak.

‘My dear sir,’ letting him know of our futured life.

‘My dear, sir,’

‘My dear,’

Arms long

Hair dark

Mouth turning with his speech of last.

Laughs exchanged at the expense of our accents.

We met on the train, you see, right when the clock was planted tree.

I knew him and he would know me.

Slowing train

Opening doors

Standing man

Walking man

right through those very doors.

Windows closing

Our window ending

Walking down the platform, our future walking out of my mind.

Ah, young love.

So easily kindling to the flame, so easily destroyed just the same.


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