In This Moment,.

In this moment, (one)

I am aware of my body (one)

Conscious of the marrow in my bones in my feet (pair)

to the circulating circuit wiring of my arteries and veins in my arms (pair)

Of the stacked intestines pushing and drying the toxins in my body (two)

Of the acid leaking in my stomach to create the gruel of my body (one)

to the thoughts, combing together like a cloud before forming into a single word. (one)


Do you know how many raindrops are in a single cloud?

How many evaporated strands of broken thoughts to create a single word?


I am aware of my mortality.

Of my dying


Me dying

Me dead.


I don’t want to die

Once before, but not now

I’ve things to do now,

things that need to get done.


Don’t give me your love,

give me my work.


Give me my work

And it will get done



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