Addressed to UK

The width of your face,
the slight of your nose –
both of these had, enough of it so
to cause my mind, trying and fighting,
to create memories of romance with you.

The slight of his nose, but only just slight
enough – to wonder if you too were
held within his heart.

I miss you. I love you.
I hate the cursed sea and
that farther away you from me.

The size of your forehead
that I would caress. I
wished to know this strange man –
to ask him one request:

Do you know my Love,
do you miss him as me?
Let’s exchange stories of
how Life used to be.

Do you know my Love,
whose faults still a bound,
but with a will that wants
to turn those wrongs around?

Do you know my Captain?
If you don’t then you should.
How I would hold him to me,
as he would with me.

With a name so haunting, with a soul
as so strong. If you don’t know my Love,
then it won’t be for long.


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