A Question About Starving


Pangs of a broken stomach,
a starving of the mind – both easily solved.
But how do you soothe the pains of a starving heart?
This is a question that remains unsolved.

Any charity so kind as to help the broken-hearted?
Sufferers from those recently-departed?
A collection of masses; weekly meetings of troubled minds.

Blast it. Bars and pubs must be
sanctuary enough then.
Drowning men drinking so that
no more time remains.

Blast it all, there are no
clubs, fraternal groups composed
of troubled humankind for me.

Erasing pints must be the
only current remedy.

Come on WFP, feed me well!
Where is my aid? Where is my care?
My story won’t be forgotten by your
lack of fare.

I’ve paid my way – the damage is
done. Now serve away the
pains of an empty, starving,
heart of one.


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