Never Named

To a man I never named —

  1. I didn’t dress up on the first night we met. I had no expectations, no hopes. You surprised me into having a good time, but unfortunately, like a Chocolate Frog, you were only good for that one time.
  2. You were the first, and so far, only person to tell me to stay in America. Were you only being selfish? Or could you not understand my desire to leave?
  3. Despite the good time, never once could I write you poetry. I could tell you joke, but those aren’t the same, are they?
  4. Even now, thinking back, I still can’t think of a name for you. You are not HCG; UK, my Captain; or Galway.
  5. These things happen. I can’t explain it.


SR Wallace

Piece in Connection: Catastrophe


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