Do I rest in those inequalities

Do I rest in those inequalities
that will forever define the
underlining of my soul?

Or will I be obligatory required
to feign change in the name of
personal evolution – which will only

result in a hanging
sense of defeat because
no matter how bloody

hard you try, how oft
you hide behind a vision of loveliness, the
drape strikes down to reveal a
bastard of humanity.

God bless you many, gentleman,
because you’ll fucking need it
before this night is through.

Better to reveal my short-

comings now, to lay them
to the front, to the masses at
large than to be a fool
in a recycling delusion.
Here I am.

A lie.
A thief only
quipped with an ever-larger
This is me confronting my sins

but I still believe it’s
better to be an honest
concoctor of tales than
hidden by an always
falling sheet of