Love and Pints

Your gaze haunts me not
but that doesn’t halt my persistent
gaze as you sit only a foot away.

An empty bar stool
lends itself to an empty heart
by the aid of an empty glass.
Reminding me that I had not eaten at all that day,
and the sudden combination of love and pints
might not have been the best of ideas.

I’ve written you a poem,
do you know? And others
claimed to have liked it,
others that I have never known.

People like my thoughts of you,
but I don’t know if you like the
thought of me –

sitting only a foot away.
Invited sometimes in conversation,
shoving my way in others because
I’ve nothing to lose when all I have are these
thoughts of you.

Down another drink of you –
no, of the stout instead.
Yes, that’s right, another please –
if you might, that is.

But would I rather be drinking in you…?

Ta, why yes you can
borrow my pen because I borrow
the image of you in my mind
too many times to know.
Your voice I’ve sampled more times-

why sure, I’d like some more
if you have some to spare!

You like this song, too?
The band, you say? Oh man,
that’s great because I like them too and
obviously this is a sign that you and I could work
well together.

What’s worse than being in a relationship where
you can’t stand the other’s taste in music? Is it possible
to survive? I can’t imagine.

And you like to read, as well?
Hot damn, holy hell
this level of connection
cannot be real.

‘Sometimes I fantasise, when these streets
are cold and lonely….’

Great band, this. Glad you like them.
(I like them, too.)

Would I like another? I’m not sure,
but my stomach says yes to a question where
my mind’s shadow refuses to answer.

‘And the cars, they burn below me. Don’t these times
fill yours eyes?’