You only pose rejection from yourself

I hear your breathing from outside
this room.
Outside from where I stand.

Can you hear me too?
Standing inches from that wall?

Why are you still standing out there?
The lock only exists
within your head.

Just open the door,
just turn the knob
see that if you were to enter,
you’d find a welcome
underneath your feet.

A chair to sit by the window
to reveal the storming weather
that looks more like the actions
from an angry sea.

Stay indoors where we don’t have to
drudge our bodies through that mess anymore.
Leave that to our former selves,
the bodies we no longer need to be.

Come inside you silly man,
the repercussions are merely scenes in your
over-thinking head.

I am here by your side,
forever and always;
let those reverberating daydreams
die in your mind.