When God Discovered He Was a Lie


So you’re telling me, right,
that this was all just a lie
to fit some grand design?
To make your lives easier
to deal with at the end of the day?

But I have been here for you ,
since before the first day
and then some before –
all to make you a member of my home.

Well no, I won’t go.
Invitation declined,
I’ve given you my all,
I’ve put in my time to make myself
in the image of you.

After all these years together –
after all the memories created.

I made you what you are today,
moulded you into something new.

This is a phase, I assure you,
I know you, I always knew you
better than you thought you knew yourself.

This is all I get, this
glaring stare because you
stole my words and rearranged them into
something hateable.

I won’t go.
I refuse to move
until you get it into your system
that I loved you enough
to put up with you.