I would very much like to tell you,

I would very much like to tell you,
even though you should be asleep,
that I am so wonderfully happy that
you are included in my fate.

But the words tumble in my mouth,
stumbling crashing cracking stabbing
the mentality of this current state.

But are the sentiments requited?
The fear foaming to dissolve the
moment in which fear did not exist.
Are the feelings matched?

If I were to know and be let down,
Life would then be incomplete.

Is it better to live in ignorance, bliss?
Hoping for the best? Or is it better
to face my fears, and seal tumbling thoughts in potential kiss?

Time, forever incomplete,
searching for its prime –
Time, forever changing,
and still yet you never leave my mind.

Fortunate to have met you,
Lucky to be alive, lucky to have
survived the cut, for when you culled the numbers
down to help survive.


This is good night for night for now,
this is my farewell-thee.

I pray for you a better morrow,
for weeks to die within the sea.

These are thoughts on constant play,
thoughts I would very much to tell you –
addressed to you from me.

But time for thoughts is time for later,
right now the sky too quiet.
It’s time for bed and slumber,
it’s time to lay you down.


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