Brief Astronomy

Well here I am, sat once again.
Watching intertwining fates, undecided
in where to meet and where to separate.

If to separate.
When to divide ways and spare

the games of imagined happiness
to spare the risk of fault and sorrow

and to settle for something less.

But lest we forget
that thoughts jump from fine
to worse in a tumble of expected
failure and loss.

Well, here I am sat here
once more. Still.
Still here from before, wishing
I could tell you more and open to you
the heart of the universe as I hope
to confide in you the universe
of this heart.

Once more, back to the start
of where these thoughts began, back to this spot
of my sitting still.

May the spheres revolve closer, and if
they may not become one,
may my moon circle your world
like my thoughts revolve around you.


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