Red Ears

New addition of words
to describe the same sum.

It’s always the same, to tell the truth.
It’s still the same as it was before.
If it’s any worth to you, that is.

But you never asked.
I don’t know if you know the words to,

But I don’t trust you to ask,
and instead of waiting, I’d
rather tell you in a collection
of never-ending, run-on, half-finished
stream of written thoughts.

Addiction to addition
hoping in time that these words
will reach the receiver, at last.
To end the days of thoughts and unfinished
words, to instill, instead, ears to open
the message:

I touch my hair because I can’t touch yours.
I send my thoughts cross-country to yours.
All these streets, claimed in your name but without
your presence to bear.


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