A Wake: Sleep

Wake me up from
sleep with a
kiss leaving
an aftertaste of sadness.

Sad-flavoured kisses
wake me from my
sleep. A delay
in the day as

we lay here – entwined.
Give me a moment to
dwell in this place before
a say, to ruin the silence and

Before we leave
may we leave
for a while.

Sad-flavoured kisses
before we part. Realise
me into life and cradle
me before you leave.

I know not when I see you,
or the next time I’ll have
a chance to leave.

Worlds of Nights Before Days

The whats make the who
who had four hours of sleep as
a consequence of a too much thinking

Hold me close, to solve
the riddle of questions that
never cease.

God damn, hold me close to close the night
and bridge the time between black to

Would this help, to conquer
to save of the world of nights
before days of facing another day
that I cannot control?

Darling just hold me till morning —
for a moment plus many more.

Unmouthed Wishes

Have I wished you good night tonight?
Because I wish I had the words beside your name.

Thoughts hidden by time and concoction,
the melody too soon put on to tell the song
that plays.

To say your name, to think aloud, behind your back
afraid to show face just yet,
the song too soon to tell.

The needle will end, the notes
shall die down to the fibres of the floor,
and yet still I wish it to continue –
though I know what will face us
when the music crashes down.

I wish tonight beside your name.
Whispered in thought, body and mind.
But still the words stall from mind to more –
stuck in line, unwilled to move.

30 October

Thinking thoughts rage on
paced with lurid lightning
strikes thundering roars.

Mine mind, the gull
the girl who sits tattered and
torn from winds and more.

Escape, but where?
Where shelter holds ground, but
to see past the rain and earth-
bound clouds is vision
without care.