1916 ended 100 years later with an English kiss

Low and behold a week well spent
hidden and celebrating ol’
connolly’s deaths. The
dominoes’ effect.

Eye met mind on my
supposed last night,
already delayed to hear
the Proclamation ring
on ex-Sackville street.

And when Eyes met mind
on celebration night,
I knew that my supposed
last night might
rest. That’s when I knew –

When he stared at me and I
stared right back.
‘Cause never could I miss a sight like that
which is how I found my heart
in a Dublin man.

With all those numbered
dead which brought
us to meet, it’s crass
to celebrate my ’16 rising night
with a centenary kiss.

No need for Grace,
and no need for James.
Redmond and Padraig can go ahead
and wait.

If this is what true love is,
I have those rebels to thank.
And if living in the past
brought me to this present,
I never want to go back.

And that’s how I’ll
remember him staring at me. And how I stared
right back. Never could
I survive without witnessing
a sight like that. And that’s
when I knew I found a
soul in a Dubliner true.

Constance, Sheehy
and gunfire Tones.
When we kiss it’s
the blood of Collins + Rest
from way back when those
that carried the green and
pikes. Because of them,
their dreams,
will have me in his bed tonight.

Now I’ll remember always
how he stared at me.
And how I stared right back.
Never could I fault a fate like that,
and that’s how I found my heart
in a Dublin man on that
centenary night.

And that’s how I
won an Irishman over
with an English girl’s kiss
on 1916’s centenary night.

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