Amy, Star

Amy the most admired star
From mine eyes
The Sun of warmth and kind.
Happy may I be the day
To burn even half of
My star’s reputed fame.

Every day I think of thee
And wonder if,
You are warm and gone from
Danger’s way.

Heavy is the universe
Around her goes,
Rife with harms galaxies away.
To mine life shall I protect
The star from a way away
Sat Here I gaze.

The star of grace
Her worlds circle,
around her maypoles they twirl
Look afar
too good to touch.
Beautifying the gaze
of the world divine,
God’s only masterpiece.

My Amy star,
World divine
Complete the day
by just thinking
her name.

22 September 2016

Love unrequited once more
at least, we meet again
to love your touch.
I would give everything
save my mind
Unkissed dreams
unsaid words.
Is this the pain of being alive?

Unburnt by your touch
Untasted by your face
Unhappy + unsolved am I
hat one again, haunts my mind

Are you decided +
belonged to her from
last Sunday?

Is she yours

Heretic heart
mine eyes
wish to see
my flesh burnt
by touch +
lust and
pressure that
doesn’t last long
but lasts long enough.

To ask you anything more
would be too much.

In the tune of ‘Blow The Man Down’ with a slight divergence into ‘The Wild Rover’

They touched and they fucked
all the men down
they touched and fucked
when i ain’t around
they touched and they fucked
when i left alone

Blow all the men down
blow all the men down

For touching and fucking when I ain’t around

and it’s all more whiskey
until tonight dies down

of them touching and fucking since
i been around.

Burnt as a moth to a flame am I to Eire’s name.

What a fool am I to
be burnt
again by Joyce’s
Sirens’ cries.

To the core
burnt am I
and to the
core of
unbridled hopes
have I let my hopes
burn dreams once so bright.

Held hope high
from another of my kind

Hope held high
from another of my kind

from one
unasked touch that
led to another
wanted more.

Dreams of Eire though now died
lie away on the shore
of Holyhead
and never will I
travel there again.

Burnt as a moth
to a flame am I to Eire’s name.
Browned wings limping away
unable to fly,
lost my right to when found that
my love was no love
of mine.

What a fool am I to
be burnt again by
Joyce’s Sirens’ cries.