11 December 2016

Nod polite nice.
No one asked for me to be
here tonight
+ now will I watch the
flaunts of a girl
both thin and nice
and topped with drink.

And I’ll smile along.
And charade good cheer.

My kind wasn’t meant to be seen.
I’m a writer and my face
was meant behind
paper + ink.

Lord help me find
acceptance for the
things I cannot change.

Galway Arms (WIP)

Cra-shi-ng glass
+ in Chicago here
I stand as
Waterloo plays
in the speakers

Terry of Galway
stands proud as
the music abounds
the walls, bouncing
around + fills
empty hearts to
something much more

My how time
is nice.
All of the Éirinn family
stands here
home on Sunday night.