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Galway Arms (WIP)

Cra-shi-ng glass
+ in Chicago here
I stand as
Waterloo plays
in the speakers

Terry of Galway
stands proud as
the music abounds
the walls, bouncing
around + fills
empty hearts to
something much more

My how time
is nice.
All of the Éirinn family
stands here
home on Sunday night.


7 December 2016

The light coloured wind
softens the blow against body
meeting world.

To the right is Chicago in springtime,
with Canadian salutations sending
their floral musk across the Michigan,
its scent changing and collecting
the pollution it meets along its way.

To the left
are the rises and falls
that separate Northern England
from Alba true.

In either direction
the trains howl and slowly
submit to the power of
man against machine.

Location is relative.

Christmas tree lights
and music nice –
what is earthly death
here is
Arctic revival
in another world,
another time.

6 December 2016

He quoted my girlish laugh,
I thought of his mannish fat.

He tested my muscles
and proved proud that his
were indeed bigger, as if
biological norm was a success
he had personally achieved.

I hated his face,
I despised his touch
and inability to outwit
a decade younger girl.

Politeness I maintained,
as smile dressed disdain.

Counting the minutes down
until it would have been
respectful enough to leave.