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27 May

All talkings are an epitaph of
time gone by. Past tense, worse
than present tense.

My hopes, dream, total asunder.
A happy day, far longed mine,
but this silence between: golden.
Understanding divine.

22 April

Within the window panes
I spelt the name
The name of near ones
And the fog of breath rained
Away the lines of forced fate
And I, alone with reason errant
dwelt, accepted the form of
Shadows that blighted this
Moment of late.

8 February 2018

I watched my love fall
before me into the
emotions of lust.
Before me the body
succumbed to other-wordly
noise that changed
pale skin to red.

Like a body wishing to fly
gravity had other plans.
Like smoke to a flame
as the wisps flew high,
the embers settle,
and the fired paper falls to the floor.

I watched. Body fell.
I wished to die to
end this world of borrowed time.

To his death and mine
entwined. To different
fates that raised no
mortal stakes.

I felt the stars move
beside closed eyed, but
only darkness entered