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With you, my heart

With you, my heart
treat with kindness.
With you it lives,
my one and only.

And if ever you decide
to sever its bond –
set it down softly
into a box and send
it away, away back to its start.

And if ever you wish
to give it away, do
know that it will never,
once more, return to the same.

Send it back with
most pristine care, in mind.
‘Gently used, second-hand
well beyond compare.’

But I’d rather
you keep it,
fix it well with your life.
To help soften the lows,
blights, and all life’s constant strife.

No upgrades required,
self-evolving a plus –
this design was made
for you – each and every part.

But if it’s still
too much to carry along,
drop it off kindly,
‘once loved, once strong’,
to a place it now doesn’t belong.