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8 February 2018

I watched my love fall
before me into the
emotions of lust.
Before me the body
succumbed to other-wordly
noise that changed
pale skin to red.

Like a body wishing to fly
gravity had other plans.
Like smoke to a flame
as the wisps flew high,
the embers settle,
and the fired paper falls to the floor.

I watched. Body fell.
I wished to die to
end this world of borrowed time.

To his death and mine
entwined. To different
fates that raised no
mortal stakes.

I felt the stars move
beside closed eyed, but
only darkness entered

Dear o’Death

Dear o’Death, that’s what you’re called
when calls of punchy self-pity ring at three when
you’re alive but fears of close calls of
Theft erase all the flowing blood
you have left.

Dear o’Death, who escaped its clutches
twice. How could I forget
when that’s all you talk about
‘Back in the days’ of when
you’d still know the meaning
of a dazzling life.

I can’t criticise you.
– You escaped Death twice.
I can’t complain,
– you escaped Death twice.
I can’t ask for help –
– you escaped death twice.

You left for a year unannounced and that’s alright.
– death took you thrice.

All that escaping had you forget how to be alive.
You’ve let me behind on a deluded dream-chase
when death had actually killed you three-times already in your life.

What’s it like to be alive,
taking others’ humanity to keep your
lack-of-one thriving?

o’Death Dear, there’s nothing
left for your namesake to take.

27 April 2015

How can I find solace in knowing
you are anything but? The distance
decreases the meanings, abstracts
romance to platonic form.

I need to be strong enough to let
the hope of a romance go and let
fate be, to allow the solitary pain
not blind by jealousy and allow you to be free.

Tomorrow cries no better,
and stuck in a whirlwind, knowing
if anything but, I don’t wish to feel
shame whilst in love.

I’ll wish the best to you,
and stay true to the words –
but cannot feign happiness in the idea
of you with another girl.

I can only control myself,
this I know. But it doesn’t
decrease the length of heartstrings
and your created end of what I

Near Midnight Song

She kissed his neck, where pulse met skin.

‘You are alive.’

‘Yes I am,’ his statement struggled with short laughter that puffed out in two breaths.

‘And one day you will not.’ No answer came from he, neither movement nor word.
‘And I have you for this moment.

How wonderful is that.’

How to React to When You Lose Someone (Part Two)

A tightened jaw above a hidden fist, turning against a corridor.

Today I hate you.

Today I want to see you hurt as much as I do.

   I hate you for leaving me.

   I hate you for leaving me alone.

   I hate you for being gone.

Tomorrow is the one week anniversary of you leaving.

Tomorrow is counting down the hours,


seconds of your departure.

Today I want to see you hurt as much as I do.

Tomorrow begs you not to go.

Not yet.