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6 August 2017

I wouldn’t blame you if you
fled away mo duine amhain óg
The stars seem far but
much closer to a home.

The bag’s all packed, by do máthair
agus t-athair, I. The journey’ll
rough, the sky dear will seem
far. But if you must go,
then go on ye should.

With the rocks in the shoes,
the heel gone to hole.
think of maimaí agus dadaí
when all looks far and gone.

Do theaglach can’t much given,
aside from food, hearth, and love.
If I could pack you gold sovereigns,
then I think you’d still ferry far.

From with do fhuil the monster
borne and reared, unstoppable by nature,
and governing law

If I coulda switched it out of you,
by birch or belt all, I wouldn’t
dare change what’s true from nature’s call.

Brought the horse mare your brother,
the call from your sister.
Both missed you already, as soon
as letter lighted shore.

Farewell mo duine amhain óg –
farewell from broken-hearted
loved one, anois anois ye go.


A Wake: Sleep

Wake me up from
sleep with a
kiss leaving
an aftertaste of sadness.

Sad-flavoured kisses
wake me from my
sleep. A delay
in the day as

we lay here – entwined.
Give me a moment to
dwell in this place before
a say, to ruin the silence and

Before we leave
may we leave
for a while.

Sad-flavoured kisses
before we part. Realise
me into life and cradle
me before you leave.

I know not when I see you,
or the next time I’ll have
a chance to leave.