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13 Septemeber

Lee Lei lo!

O’ for the chance of
sur-prise, holding
stalling the sight of
sense, blinding

Stand a-front, young
inexperience soldier!
Beyond this station is room not for you, but
for your shadow presence
is required.

Lee lei lo!

Gone away to a place
with an invisible name, but
one which flowered the mind.

Upon my way, a soldier
soldiered on, still. While he
could not, his shadow grew
tall and large and small and square.

Lei lo,
the stench remains,
reminds the mind of humanity
was once a mere step away
from these steps.


Here reminds
a forgotten mound, still.
Whose shadow turns up and down,
curves and curving until
the tail meets the end.


On the cusp of two worlds one verse came,

but vanished when the former overtook the latter.

A battle decreed, a battle to mark

the space of a filled mind partnered with an empty heart.


A metre and rhyme for all

to consider, repeated and repined

but only for an unanswered letter.


Wrought with the ink of a blackened edge,

etchings of sorrows that will never be written again.