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The Reason for this Continuation

All of these words,
and all of these thoughts.
It is a sorrow that
you will not read all
of my dedications designed for you.

Lost in the crossfire,
lost by the sea,
lost by friendly, inconspicuous
deeds such as sleep.

You will not read them,
cannot even, for will,
not even I, though
hard as I try.

Dedications and songs,
verses and thoughts –
all of these lost,
word all of endorsed exalt.

Written on a Paper Napkin (Or, Untitled Poem II)

After the moment ends and the silence has blackened the ears of the living;

After the creation of eternity from the multitude of moments locking into place;

After the forever after ends and all that remains is a period to mark the spot

of where young dreams used to lie tight in bed at night.

Never know after the after more,

to deserted cafes and revolution dreams.

To a time where time felt fine and where you knew what I meant.

To a time where I wasn’t afraid of what I dreamt.

Back to a place where I was what I knew

and back to a place where life seemed true.