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A Thanks to Alcohol

Half of my friends are married,
the other half engaged.

Now I don’t know about any of that,
nowt about the struggles of a relationship,
the compromises made between.

But I sure do know how
to drain another drink.

I’ll work the life from my bones

I’ll work the
life from my bones.
Walk wearylike home
if that means to be prized
by you.

Who was I to think that I could
capture your heart so guarded?
Who were you to feign emotion
so well?

Quell these thoughts –
disarrange the pattern
that batters the brain.

Have I not had enough
of these messages
constantly sent by a part of me
I’d rather never know?

Served once more,
battered by a war I have long since
stopped fighting,
I feel the absence of you
again and again and again
until the weight causes the water in my
eyes to erupt.

They haven’t your accent,
but theirs will do for now.

Every writing I commit,
every action I set – is only in the
vain attempts to prove myself, I admit.

Isn’t it funny how wherever I go,
there is a memory of you?
A haunting, an etching
that makes this city only
an extension of you.

Love and Pints

Your gaze haunts me not
but that doesn’t halt my persistent
gaze as you sit only a foot away.

An empty bar stool
lends itself to an empty heart
by the aid of an empty glass.
Reminding me that I had not eaten at all that day,
and the sudden combination of love and pints
might not have been the best of ideas.

I’ve written you a poem,
do you know? And others
claimed to have liked it,
others that I have never known.

People like my thoughts of you,
but I don’t know if you like the
thought of me –

sitting only a foot away.
Invited sometimes in conversation,
shoving my way in others because
I’ve nothing to lose when all I have are these
thoughts of you.

Down another drink of you –
no, of the stout instead.
Yes, that’s right, another please –
if you might, that is.

But would I rather be drinking in you…?

Ta, why yes you can
borrow my pen because I borrow
the image of you in my mind
too many times to know.
Your voice I’ve sampled more times-

why sure, I’d like some more
if you have some to spare!

You like this song, too?
The band, you say? Oh man,
that’s great because I like them too and
obviously this is a sign that you and I could work
well together.

What’s worse than being in a relationship where
you can’t stand the other’s taste in music? Is it possible
to survive? I can’t imagine.

And you like to read, as well?
Hot damn, holy hell
this level of connection
cannot be real.

‘Sometimes I fantasise, when these streets
are cold and lonely….’

Great band, this. Glad you like them.
(I like them, too.)

Would I like another? I’m not sure,
but my stomach says yes to a question where
my mind’s shadow refuses to answer.

‘And the cars, they burn below me. Don’t these times
fill yours eyes?’