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Good Enough for Tonight

You’re not great
but you’re good enough for tonight.
You can’t see truth in fiction
and that just rubs me wrong
but in this moment of notice
I don’t care as long as you
rub me raw.

God, I can fucking hate you.
It’s so easy to hate you,
pretentious twit with the
false idea you have something
to prove.

God I can’t stand it. Not
for very long. Just do
what you want and I’ll
get what I want just
as long as you leave,
I’d rather you not stay.

You’re picking scabs
I didn’t know where there.

And I’m not even sorry,
I don’t expect you to be,
but your sex wasn’t great,
but I didn’t figure you’d be.

You’re not great.
You’re not even good enough
to stay, so I’d rather you leave.

You asked me for words.
I laughed in your face, I’ll
give you these words at the
end of this song to go and
kindly fuck off.

Don’t Ask Me For Words

You asked me for words,
and that I cannot do.
I resent you for asking,
but maybe I should cast
pity on how little you know.

You poor little fool,
the worst a man can be.
Deluded little beautiful fool.
You’re the worst I’ve yet seen.

Do you misconstrue
me or the act of love
itself? In sending
thoughts in lettered
drafts, through phrase
or by mouth.

I couldn’t give you words,
what caused you to even ask?

To give you words, single
or few – would to give
my soul – and why would I
give that to you?

Now I’ve wasted words,
thousands upon more,
I’ve wasted my soul to
the wrong receiver.

And even still I wouldn’t
offer you one.
I wouldn’t dare.

Why would you ask, what
would make you think
that I’d give you them so

23 April 2015

Tonight let us be filled with
hate and pretend that
it is love between you
and I.

The door is locked, no one’ll
know the difference for love
and hate sound
the same to covered
eyes, the unknowing

I’ll take one for
the road – because God
knows I’ll miss it
when I start to
forget you.

The words, the face,
the pace of the way you spoke.
But I couldn’t dare
forget the closest thing
we shares; the mirrored
difference of peaceful love.

The closest I’ll get for at
least another night.
Until light breaks in love
dwells in hate.

My Mother’s Excuses

(My Mother’s Excuses, or, To Whom I Despise)

‘He only acts this way when you’re here.’
Well, thank you for once again showing me my place.

Happy to be of service, no added extra charge
for twenty years have I given others their dishonourable charge.

I alone, with powers supreme, able
to turn a person into their evil deeds.

Thank you, really.
This was my plan all along – to have finally
learnt that hard work and effort pays off.
Now I know my job is close to done.

Whether I wanted this gift so divine,
is something not asked, something not looked
upon. But whatever that means, for I cannot tell,
I have words, but few to depart, small in number, but all
meant within my heart:

Before I leave, forever and always,
my last words upon thee are these next written:
If I had a chance to woo you with words,
I’d slice you and beat you to create conspicuous, unhealable wounds.

Blood spilling before thee
with a clean hand in place,
forever and always, you’d think
twice before acting with such lack of grace.

Violence is but easy,
I know enough to admit
but that never stopped you, caused
you enough change to recommit

to what you promised, all
you said to all involved.

Violence is easy, but what is done
cannot be un. And these are my
words, tainted and bruised with someone’s yet spilled blood.