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13 Septemeber

Lee Lei lo!

O’ for the chance of
sur-prise, holding
stalling the sight of
sense, blinding

Stand a-front, young
inexperience soldier!
Beyond this station is room not for you, but
for your shadow presence
is required.

Lee lei lo!

Gone away to a place
with an invisible name, but
one which flowered the mind.

Upon my way, a soldier
soldiered on, still. While he
could not, his shadow grew
tall and large and small and square.

Lei lo,
the stench remains,
reminds the mind of humanity
was once a mere step away
from these steps.


Here reminds
a forgotten mound, still.
Whose shadow turns up and down,
curves and curving until
the tail meets the end.

When God Discovered He Was a Lie


So you’re telling me, right,
that this was all just a lie
to fit some grand design?
To make your lives easier
to deal with at the end of the day?

But I have been here for you ,
since before the first day
and then some before –
all to make you a member of my home.

Well no, I won’t go.
Invitation declined,
I’ve given you my all,
I’ve put in my time to make myself
in the image of you.

After all these years together –
after all the memories created.

I made you what you are today,
moulded you into something new.

This is a phase, I assure you,
I know you, I always knew you
better than you thought you knew yourself.

This is all I get, this
glaring stare because you
stole my words and rearranged them into
something hateable.

I won’t go.
I refuse to move
until you get it into your system
that I loved you enough
to put up with you.

Do I rest in those inequalities

Do I rest in those inequalities
that will forever define the
underlining of my soul?

Or will I be obligatory required
to feign change in the name of
personal evolution – which will only

result in a hanging
sense of defeat because
no matter how bloody

hard you try, how oft
you hide behind a vision of loveliness, the
drape strikes down to reveal a
bastard of humanity.

God bless you many, gentleman,
because you’ll fucking need it
before this night is through.

Better to reveal my short-

comings now, to lay them
to the front, to the masses at
large than to be a fool
in a recycling delusion.
Here I am.

A lie.
A thief only
quipped with an ever-larger
This is me confronting my sins

but I still believe it’s
better to be an honest
concoctor of tales than
hidden by an always
falling sheet of