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A Taunting Mind

A mind that taunts one
thousand thoughts in the thick layers of the night.

What is it that brings this mis-timed
mind into the daylight hours
when the moon still catches-light?

Visions of binging fingers
continuously grazing the
palette of yours.

Imposter, frauded and fooling
those of who I am not.

What can this rest bring that
I cannot reach during the day?
Why must I sleep when it does nothing
but pass the day into days,
counting and reshuffling, forcing
me to move on?

Layer-thin walls.
I hear in them my fighting thoughts.

Oh how I miss your face.
Oh how I miss your voice.
Oh how I love you so.

And how alone and cold the weeknights and ends are.

Unmouthed Wishes

Have I wished you good night tonight?
Because I wish I had the words beside your name.

Thoughts hidden by time and concoction,
the melody too soon put on to tell the song
that plays.

To say your name, to think aloud, behind your back
afraid to show face just yet,
the song too soon to tell.

The needle will end, the notes
shall die down to the fibres of the floor,
and yet still I wish it to continue –
though I know what will face us
when the music crashes down.

I wish tonight beside your name.
Whispered in thought, body and mind.
But still the words stall from mind to more –
stuck in line, unwilled to move.