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Effects of a Late Night and an Early Morning

Do you ever have those days
where you just wished for everything to be the same?

To go back to the time before time changed
and back to those days that flew away in a daze?

Oh dear, I miss you.
I miss you more than words can describe,
more than the world can pronounce through
wailing gales and angry, falling mountain sides.

Writing to you is the absolute,
favourite part of my day.

And the sorrow when you don’t reply,
that is a feeling I wish I knew not how to say.

Good night, my love.
Have a brilliant day.
Sleep well my sir,
sleep so that the demons drift away

when I cling to this pillow tight,
only know that I wish it were you that could be
so wonderfully close.

But until then
until that day
until we can hold us both,
my mind will continue to
ramble out, meandering
unfinished thoughts of