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North Sea Travels

Alone here I lie
a mind awake and
an empty side.

Please, oh, please
come back when you can
to both comfort off the
world and to enjoy the
plot of earth where
we stand.

Awake, still more,
thoughts they do abound
of the reality I face and
the expectations I wish to be

Dear, a week for us to
meet. Seven days mark
the travellings and ramblings of the
rough North Sea.

Come to me as
quick as you can,
and us alone to face the rest of
the world from
our own plot
of land.

An arm, your arm,
on my side.
Imagined only
by my frantic mind.
Imagined only, from
the missing time by
which I still abide.

Red Ears

New addition of words
to describe the same sum.

It’s always the same, to tell the truth.
It’s still the same as it was before.
If it’s any worth to you, that is.

But you never asked.
I don’t know if you know the words to,

But I don’t trust you to ask,
and instead of waiting, I’d
rather tell you in a collection
of never-ending, run-on, half-finished
stream of written thoughts.

Addiction to addition
hoping in time that these words
will reach the receiver, at last.
To end the days of thoughts and unfinished
words, to instill, instead, ears to open
the message:

I touch my hair because I can’t touch yours.
I send my thoughts cross-country to yours.
All these streets, claimed in your name but without
your presence to bear.

A phase, resprung

A phase, resprung,
going back to the days where the mind
had better things to do than waste time
by kipping in.

A dream of you, rethought,
making me wish to forever
dream than to withstand
the strife of the life –
the thought of never being
with you ever again.

A ticking of thoughts
yet my body still, still
within the feel of our bodies, close
yet my mind alive knowing that
this imagery – that this
imagery is a lie.

A phrase, sprung
but held within the locked lips,
letting instead to let assumptions
reign as far as the mind can reach
on this night so deep.

From Ink Grew Iron Song

I think back to this time last year,
rewind time to a time where postal codes
were closer together than farther apart,
able to press heart against heart.

So this is how far we’ve come.
Better, for worse, one cannot tell,
but while the seconds tick upwards
and the winds whistle summer into air,
the love of my heart for yours has remained the same –

or something similar,
because I like you more now
then I did back then.

When did evolving time
become such a reward?
To witness you grow, to become more sure

of what you wish to conquer from this world,
to pose resolutions of problems that refuse to
become old.

I don’t love you as I loved you back then.
That much is safe in my safe which only I hold key.

From ink grew iron strong to take over their place,
causing me to spend minutes stealing pictures of your face.

I don’t love you as I loved you back then.
I love you more, in so many different ways.