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By No Aid of Time

What’s in your name?
And how is it made?
Could it be replicated, or is it something
extraordinary, or something else, something yet of designation?

I’m trying to decide what makes it
special, a permanent stain impossible to erase

Beneath the lids of eyes, spelling out
the ever-expanding skies, the lights of stars
ingrained within the mind and replicates something as
mundane as your name.

Impossible ought it be,
pathetic even – yet it remains.

Fearful am I to keep this way,
unsure of how it plays into the folds of creation
of Present Yet to Be.

And yet I sit, stalled whenever A stranger
may share a character stroke same as yours,
caught spying on something as external as a phrase
others gave to command your state.

It’s preposterous. It’s typical.
A fault of mine enlarged by the aid of time
and a work less heart. But it’s mine to bear,
a wound still in disrepair.

These Postmarked Thoughts


I talk to you always,

No matter how far away you go.
I end up postmarking these thoughts,
all of these thoughts,
mindlessly to you.

Can you hear them?
Feel them?

If they aren’t sent to you,
then where do they go?

Those endless stream of
unconscious and conscious
thoughts, mixing
and mingling
with scenes from the day –
where do they go?

Not yet have I looked down to see a
returned package, wrapped up in
sellotape and a note attached reading:
go back.
Address unknown.

So where do they go?
If they don’t go straight to you?

Through the air, to the stars,
through the wind to your heart.

Where do they go,
where do these constant, never-ending thoughts go?