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11 December 2016

Nod polite nice.
No one asked for me to be
here tonight
+ now will I watch the
flaunts of a girl
both thin and nice
and topped with drink.

And I’ll smile along.
And charade good cheer.

My kind wasn’t meant to be seen.
I’m a writer and my face
was meant behind
paper + ink.

Lord help me find
acceptance for the
things I cannot change.

4 October

My love speaks
and he says to me:
Don’t play with
this unreturnable

If it isn’t me
then that’s the way
it’ll be.
If it’s not here
I’ll help you move

Panic me not
replied I with a smile.
I am here to stay
for all my days
with the fellow
here in front of

This city we’ll stay
The country away
we’ll spend some days.
But the North
is ours and the North we’ll stay.

Put away the boxes
clear away the cellotape. Uncork
the wine, and we’ll dance
while this place is still clean.

Amy, Star

Amy the most admired star
From mine eyes
The Sun of warmth and kind.
Happy may I be the day
To burn even half of
My star’s reputed fame.

Every day I think of thee
And wonder if,
You are warm and gone from
Danger’s way.

Heavy is the universe
Around her goes,
Rife with harms galaxies away.
To mine life shall I protect
The star from a way away
Sat Here I gaze.

The star of grace
Her worlds circle,
around her maypoles they twirl
Look afar
too good to touch.
Beautifying the gaze
of the world divine,
God’s only masterpiece.

My Amy star,
World divine
Complete the day
by just thinking
her name.

Petulant Heart

How two
pass to three
and add one more.

To pass minutes to
hour in the
most usual way.

Here I stand, wonder
of how to settle a petulant,
irascible heart.

Who has been given all
that the min could
ever want:
tall frame
long mind
whose figure drew divine
who carried the card for
the white and blye
with musical taste that
dare not offend mine own.

And yet,
petulant heart,
no flame to
inspire nor tame.

What nonsense.