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An apology:

Make dirty a page of new.
My own design, my own to choose.
I know it’s a sin, it’s a wrong
to do. To bring the past upon a
page so new. There are no
conjunctions, there is no hope
of Christ redeem. There is none
of that when white becomes

There fault is mine, all here
agree clear. The burden
of resurrection is one
that Pontius could understand.

The sin of woman outmatches
sin of man.

Wounds well sutured still
tear in time.

I don’t care to believe this,
the way I am.

But to die, to be true – the
larks of jealous tone colour
my name and actions of all.

To try my triumph,
to fail my past.

To colour anything so darling is
sharpened with my own mouth’s axe.

Guest list

My heart has beat
a thousand time, a space of minutes
on tomorrow’s eve – this night.

Jealous Amor, will I see him
tonight? Who inited that beast
with that ignoble heart.
The one whose presence
instant one knows.

Or shall my dancing companion
be one of Lust?
The girl with the eyes,
so large, no room for a heart.
To see her dance one could
assume so pure – but after
the midnight gong he ride
turns wicked, her ribbons down

Shall I dine tonight with Monsieur
Grá? The one whose fluent tongue
entraps the public all?
Stare through candle light,
darling guest of the ball.
Who intervenes all the guests,
who urges mother to pull up
daughters’ shawls.
That feeds the embers of jealous rage,
The one whose wand turns men’s whispered
to quiet rage.

He’s great friends to all mentioned above,
though oft times, slandered
as well as by all.

If he sit across dining table,
I’ll treat him truly, and
honour him above all.

11 December 2016

Nod polite nice.
No one asked for me to be
here tonight
+ now will I watch the
flaunts of a girl
both thin and nice
and topped with drink.

And I’ll smile along.
And charade good cheer.

My kind wasn’t meant to be seen.
I’m a writer and my face
was meant behind
paper + ink.

Lord help me find
acceptance for the
things I cannot change.

4 October

My love speaks
and he says to me:
Don’t play with
this unreturnable

If it isn’t me
then that’s the way
it’ll be.
If it’s not here
I’ll help you move

Panic me not
replied I with a smile.
I am here to stay
for all my days
with the fellow
here in front of

This city we’ll stay
The country away
we’ll spend some days.
But the North
is ours and the North we’ll stay.

Put away the boxes
clear away the cellotape. Uncork
the wine, and we’ll dance
while this place is still clean.