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Guest list

My heart has beat
a thousand time, a space of minutes
on tomorrow’s eve – this night.

Jealous Amor, will I see him
tonight? Who inited that beast
with that ignoble heart.
The one whose presence
instant one knows.

Or shall my dancing companion
be one of Lust?
The girl with the eyes,
so large, no room for a heart.
To see her dance one could
assume so pure – but after
the midnight gong he ride
turns wicked, her ribbons down

Shall I dine tonight with Monsieur
Grá? The one whose fluent tongue
entraps the public all?
Stare through candle light,
darling guest of the ball.
Who intervenes all the guests,
who urges mother to pull up
daughters’ shawls.
That feeds the embers of jealous rage,
The one whose wand turns men’s whispered
to quiet rage.

He’s great friends to all mentioned above,
though oft times, slandered
as well as by all.

If he sit across dining table,
I’ll treat him truly, and
honour him above all.


Amy, Star

Amy the most admired star
From mine eyes
The Sun of warmth and kind.
Happy may I be the day
To burn even half of
My star’s reputed fame.

Every day I think of thee
And wonder if,
You are warm and gone from
Danger’s way.

Heavy is the universe
Around her goes,
Rife with harms galaxies away.
To mine life shall I protect
The star from a way away
Sat Here I gaze.

The star of grace
Her worlds circle,
around her maypoles they twirl
Look afar
too good to touch.
Beautifying the gaze
of the world divine,
God’s only masterpiece.

My Amy star,
World divine
Complete the day
by just thinking
her name.