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Waiting Outside of the British Musuem (WIP)

Three new lines to
denote a new day.
Hope of one lost
among the horde,
I sit afar.
Rested feet upon
the track laid down
by the marching thousands
from afar in time.

Great statues built by
dirtied hands, stand still
through wars and extended time
of unrestful peace. Still
the horde walk by;
abiding my time to travel
the least paved path.

18 April 2015

If I think I love you
does that mean I do?
Or does love transcend
all thought?
I think I love you,
I think I do. But
is that the same
as doing?

My busy mind
burdened by a filled heart.
I do not know the right
from the best. I think,
understand great claims
of walking the world to
swimming the seas to reach the
ones they love.
For such fictitious claims
seem true when one
feels the love I think
I hold for you.

Written on a Paper Napkin (Or, Untitled Poem II)

After the moment ends and the silence has blackened the ears of the living;

After the creation of eternity from the multitude of moments locking into place;

After the forever after ends and all that remains is a period to mark the spot

of where young dreams used to lie tight in bed at night.

Never know after the after more,

to deserted cafes and revolution dreams.

To a time where time felt fine and where you knew what I meant.

To a time where I wasn’t afraid of what I dreamt.

Back to a place where I was what I knew

and back to a place where life seemed true.

Untitled Poem

Oh Captain, my Captain –


I hope this letter finds you safe/well/warm

I wish you the world, and everything it owns –

The heartache, the sorrow, the mad and confused,

The brilliant, the promised – with every joy infused.


A phantom, a ghost, a mem’ry of words.

A constant shadow wherever I roam,

You’re stronger and braver than you think you know.


Mistake these thoughts not as my heart,

but only as something everyone ought –

Sometimes I think you’re too good to be true.


(All I wish is to talk with you.)

Maybe if I were Braver (Part Three)

Maybe If I Were Braver (Part Three)


I’d know the words to tell you—rather than these pleading thoughts of mine.

I’d ask you to meet before you leave.

And I want to, really I do.

And I’m jealous of your friends who are your age, who live near you, who are able to relate in a way I can’t be expected to.

Is it so wrong that I hope you get jealous when my newest guy friend comments and posts on my wall? And it seems like ever since he (who is only a friend—we both friendzoned each other pretty quickly, thankfully) started, you’ve been ever-present on my on-line interactions?

Or am I just imagining things again….