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Mistakes mixed with days

The ringing in my ears
refuse to quiet now.
Now, I’m alone, with
nothing to show save
the loose contents
of my bank account.

Spent three days
drinking and thinking
and not trying to think
about you –
but it hasn’t worked.
Not like it was supposed to
but it makes it feel
better – this idea of losing
you – when downing a
drink and two….

I’m digging a ditch.
I building the walls
so that the next time I meet
someone half-as-good as you
they won’t fall down and
reveal the worn-out-wasted
broken-shattered me.

This is about me,
dealing with the ‘about you’,
and words lose diction,
meaning falling down.

Ears reminded, hearing
the melody of the song
from us, about a long time ago,
when things were new and
falling-in-love wasn’t a choice
but a rule.

But now I’m digging a ditch.
Building myself in from the world and you
as I drown. I’m not sure what to do but
swim in this blackened pool,
but arms get tired.
And the mind cannot live
in a cave built for one.

I’m digging a ditch,
building the walls so that the
next time I meet someone half
as good as you,
they won’t know the worn-out
wasted-broken-shattered version
of me as you knew.


Fire flirts the sky
but misses my eyes
face turned long,

Coping loneliness through
hard water mixed with
sugared fragments of lime.
Distraction through
learning skills of

Where did the flames
up high go? Passing
the sheathed clouds in
perfect gaze.

Were they on their
way home or just
going through the
quickest path to
also forget their doom?

My image the stars,
mirrored they be. Or
so it seems of this late

One cannot miss
things never seen.
I did not miss the
flame-covered stars –
they in fact missed

24 November (WIP)

Lie with me for an hour more –
lay me down with a night for us to sleep.
My day has been hard, your day has been long.
Basic desire is to end the
light in your arms.

Surrendering this day
with an embrace within your form.

Jesus Christ today was long.

The night draws near, the light has
been conquered yet we’re hours
apart and your face is set in silence.

Speak to me when you think my name,
Touch me when you say my name.
Surrender to the night when the lights
ease down.

And with me will you try to be a man
considerate and respectful to all things?
With yourself, be kind and forgive, and
to the rest of us beyond your light
brown eyes,
try to treat us with compassion
and be willing to be wise to us
mortal souls still yet with undecided

But at the night when the day
is long and worn, leave thoughts
of all the others at our door.
Take to me and ever belong,
a team together safe in our home.

North Sea Travels

Alone here I lie
a mind awake and
an empty side.

Please, oh, please
come back when you can
to both comfort off the
world and to enjoy the
plot of earth where
we stand.

Awake, still more,
thoughts they do abound
of the reality I face and
the expectations I wish to be

Dear, a week for us to
meet. Seven days mark
the travellings and ramblings of the
rough North Sea.

Come to me as
quick as you can,
and us alone to face the rest of
the world from
our own plot
of land.

An arm, your arm,
on my side.
Imagined only
by my frantic mind.
Imagined only, from
the missing time by
which I still abide.

Unmouthed Wishes

Have I wished you good night tonight?
Because I wish I had the words beside your name.

Thoughts hidden by time and concoction,
the melody too soon put on to tell the song
that plays.

To say your name, to think aloud, behind your back
afraid to show face just yet,
the song too soon to tell.

The needle will end, the notes
shall die down to the fibres of the floor,
and yet still I wish it to continue –
though I know what will face us
when the music crashes down.

I wish tonight beside your name.
Whispered in thought, body and mind.
But still the words stall from mind to more –
stuck in line, unwilled to move.