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Three Lines of an Unfinished Thought

(Written five days ago)


Jump ship to another sea

Down the Channel towards a fate

chose to be.


Action Potential

This will be a post about falling.

Crashing hard and scraping your face against the rough pavement, your shins skidding the road.

No matter how hard you try, you can never quite get over the turn.

Others can, others will, but you still have to learn how to slow down and clutch the gear shift, hoping this time will be different.

But oops, there you go again, flying out of the car through the glass and the wind.


I’ve always been afraid of heights, even at times my own.

Not so much as the height from my feet to the ground, but the length of the fall.

Fee, fei, we all fall  down.


Eventually, anyway.


I’ve never understood the lengths people will go to avoid something. To break a habit. To change the curse.

But the hole and the fall and the fog that brought it on has hardened my heart to that lesson.

I’ve learnt, but I’ve unlearnt something else – how quickly memories fade.


Here I am, about to fall.

Catch me if you can.

Five Haikus

Five Haikus written in two hours.

Haiku One:               Come back, my current

    Lover, depart no more please.

    Lost, lacking repose.


Haiku  Two:               Repose remains lost;

        Slipping from found to never more.

    Depart no more, please?


Haiku  Three:               I have forgotten;

       the feel of beats of your pulse

      stowed under your shirt.


Haiku  Four:               I detest the thought

    of them ruining your name

    quelling its beauty.


Haiku  Five:               Relearning to live

     without persistent presence

     of you. Am failing.

Untitled III

Wasted words wet tongue, crash against the inner folds of lips;

the dark crevices succumbing to the twisted sweet taste of neglect and past mistakes

tumbling in my mind like a dancer falling from Heavenly Grace.

Did it hurt on your fall from the sky, asked with a smile.

The tip of a blade scratching into the flesh,

staining, bleeding, black.

Flying fallen into your post bin of rubbish.

Written on a Paper Napkin (Or, Untitled Poem II)

After the moment ends and the silence has blackened the ears of the living;

After the creation of eternity from the multitude of moments locking into place;

After the forever after ends and all that remains is a period to mark the spot

of where young dreams used to lie tight in bed at night.

Never know after the after more,

to deserted cafes and revolution dreams.

To a time where time felt fine and where you knew what I meant.

To a time where I wasn’t afraid of what I dreamt.

Back to a place where I was what I knew

and back to a place where life seemed true.