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10.08am on a Friday

I’m sorry I’m in a constant state of being
saved. One more mark against me, one more
strike against my cause. I’m sorry you’re
my victor undenied – coming to prove me wrong
with cause.

Anyone else, but you.
I hate to prove your right in all my wrongs.
Anyone else, but you.
I’m sorry that I still need to be saved.

Mind you, I’m learning but I hate
this state.
I keep trying to make you proud,
but I keep on proving wrong.
How many steps retracted is this?

Shame-filled to see,
but let me start
to fix my mistakes.

How can I move on when all
I do is move back? Revealing, once more,
my faults?

How do I move past when all I
can manage is to fall down?


To the last one I said goodbye to –

You were never that kind to me,
except in your own little ways.
But still I followed you down
and tried to befriend you just the same.

To wonder who you reminded me of,
to wonder why I mimicked your stance,
to wonder why you gave me a chance –
some things I’ll never find.

Why did you leave the North of town?
What is it that you left?
I’m sorry, regardless, for reasons that keep you from returning.

So here we go,
the past keeps turning ‘fore me.
So here we go, once again I am presuming.

The last words that you said to me,
before I boarded flight,
Your last words to me were, you said –
‘Good luck on your writing.
And if you ever come back, we’ll still be all right here.’

Motionless except my sway,
I’m sorry for the bother.
I’m sorry for the life you fled,
for me not being something stronger.

To wonder what you saw in me,
to inspire such action strong,
but regardless of the thoughts
that brought our spheres a circling,
I’m sorry that I couldn’t match them.