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Diamonds made of blue

When engaged,
he gave her a diamond made of blue
because when the two collided, she
cried of happiness as the time grew tall.

Mourning the loss of time,
rejoicing in the happiness of heart.

She told me this story,
showing ring on finger,
with a failed-hidden smile –

that’s when I saw what love looked like.
Mind made; decided that I would never waste time again.

Years grew tall,
many weeds tried to lower the time,
but were all pulled away at their seams.
Colliding but slightly,
grazing the edges of my form.

These temptations were present,
yes, but all ended in failed forge.

Stumbling never falling, waiting
in complaining silence, but steady did I hold.

Once that day completed, once the destination
was in place, written words to commemorate the visible
force of fate.

Collide in rapid action
piercing into my soul –
from that day onward,
did I truly learn what it meant
to cry from joy.