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To decrease the distance between us two to


I am willing this bus to

decrease the distance between us two
to a much more reasonable few feet,
with two feet running to decrease the feet
to mere inches,
with four arms to annul the distance all together.

But I am still here, miles away
wishing to an unacting God to bring me to you.
To obliterate the traffic,
not to kill them,
but to misplace them all for just a minute or two
until I am right here with you

Can you hear me? These are my yells
for a union of two bodies to crash into one
just as when I discovered my love for you.

Can you hear me? Because I would
rather like it if I knew I was not yelling

But I am still here, stationary
on a sometimes moving rectangle
wishing that I could sprint the distance,
but the distance is much too far for
these two feet and two arms.

Oh how I’d like to make these pair of twos
into a creation of four – waltzing
and reeling together into a jig of slowed down time.

Just as this bus slows to allow
a fellow off, but can they too not
hear my incessant screams that beg you to

Here I am. Can you hear me
breathing and fighting time
with the writing of my hand?

Where are you?
Are you yelling, too?

These streets are a tangle of knots.
I’d rather us be the streets that tie so easily

Quiet my heart to the yelling
of my head. Faster!
Shift me to him, I scream.
Bring him to me, I beg you
all. Shift away, for just a minute or two
so that he and I might become