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Fire flirts the sky
but misses my eyes
face turned long,

Coping loneliness through
hard water mixed with
sugared fragments of lime.
Distraction through
learning skills of

Where did the flames
up high go? Passing
the sheathed clouds in
perfect gaze.

Were they on their
way home or just
going through the
quickest path to
also forget their doom?

My image the stars,
mirrored they be. Or
so it seems of this late

One cannot miss
things never seen.
I did not miss the
flame-covered stars –
they in fact missed

30 October

Thinking thoughts rage on
paced with lurid lightning
strikes thundering roars.

Mine mind, the gull
the girl who sits tattered and
torn from winds and more.

Escape, but where?
Where shelter holds ground, but
to see past the rain and earth-
bound clouds is vision
without care.

Lost and Came

Tell me, oh love,
where it is you lost
and came, trying to
be found by someone
other than yourself.

Name of convenience
I lied when I said
you were a love only
to I.

To change it around

to declare it a general –
Tell me, oh,
Love, where you wish
it to be found.

Loft-held language
and mourns of
ideas further from
head than from heart.
Tell me, where is it
you wish to be found.

Bell’s Burning

upon this waste,
that I shall give

I saw your back again last night,
but back to me, is only a dream I had.
belfast burns on the city’s top
parading, at last, an end.

So if, you, too, a friend
receive, a mirrored challenge
to Begin Again,
decide at best,
the next option to proceed.

5 August

I dreamt your name, last night asleep.
To hold it to such proximity, rid of
current stains –

I should have known, right then and there,
that it was only an illusion in such case.

But treasured still, and safe,
peaceful, and calm. No tears
travelled my face, no reason
to arm walls.

And if my name were to pass through your lips,
well, then, that’s no fault of mine.
Because I’ve dreamt your name, your face,
more times than I can blame or say.

And never once, since that dreadful day,
have you passed my lips, not once.
Afraid to break the lofted dream of what
you meant and still mean to me.