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18 October 2017

I can’t wait to see you again.
I can’t wait to see you again.
I sure hope I can see you again.

When I welcome Love in
it just wants to leave again.
What’s the point of living
outside these nunneries?
Is this the pain of ageing or
the ageing of pain?

What’s that invisible sin
that stains my welcome
mat? I’m too good
of a loser now to now
take it personally.

Wave Love goodbye;
it was never a guest
to stay.
Just when I welcomed you
in you decided to leave

And what do I do with
these ticket for you + I? I didn’t
think you’d be able to go anyway.
Scares me more than things that fly.

Oh how I hate those birds + bees
but oh how I hate the anxiety of
thinking long from this moment.

I thought perhaps, at last + at least
you could be my moment.

I can’t wait to see you again.
I can’t wait to meet you again.
I sure hope we meet again.

O’doubt Banish this grief!
It weights me down like gravity.
Flight-full the wisps of love that
I could use with the landing down to

When things were going right
I needed this left + Love
to leave.

Reminding me of my
place + fate, where
I thought I was
planning my escape.

I listened to the Blues before you
and I’ll still listen now. You
showed me nothing too new
but I think I showed you
a thing, one or two.

I can’t wait to see you again.
I’m afraid to see you again.
Will we ever meet again?

A Lover Denied

Who would wear a ring so tainted?
I threw it in the Liffey green
And as they say, what’s done is done.
And at least am I free of the reverie.

Who would wear a token so tainted
Who would wear something so tainted now?
I dropped it in the Liffey green and didn’t stay to see it sink.

The token denied by a lover fair
Or who was fair and kind until he
denied my pride of farewell nice.

What did you expect me to do
but only resolve to say good to
a bad bye?

I had given you my token
but yet twice you at once denied
my young love and
old pride.

Now who makes the fool? The one that
apologised or the one who
Threw a ring in calm Liffey green?

Once we departed and once I
called you back. Once I offered
you my ring of luck and love.
And twice you denied and made
my unluck unloved.

And now you ask forgiveness
and treaty me peace. But it
was not me that tainted such a token
But it was me who threw it away.

Who would wear a ring so tainted?
I threw it in the Liffey green
And as they say, what’s done is done.
And now free am I from this reverie.

Shadow of an idea that stayed too long,

Shadow of an idea that stayed too long,
that was unwelcomed, unnannounced.
You’re just the shadow of a hope
that dreamt against my will,
that bumped into my mind
stolen every sullen corner.

Sweet. Beguiled.
If you’re a sweet then I’m your queen.
But as I’m not, and as you were,
This day too long, my passion

These words are slow.
The best about slow songs is dancing so close,
But this isn’t a song,
It’s not even the start.

It’s a reclaim on a stolen space.
And this someone, new hope,
I hope he fills it well.
I hope he stays.
You’re someone I didn’t’ know.
A condemned man only by your chosen fate.

Whose shadows remain despite the noon-high sun
which fills the world with spring-white-taste.
With haste I’d wish you’d leave.
Whose shadows shouldn’t exist.

Not My Everything, But My Everything Else

The need to write stronger than knowing
what to say. Don’t know the words to use,
but I know the actions attached and
hope to know what they’d make you do.

Oh many times I have called it
quits without your knowledge. Introduced
other men, introduced other feelings, but
back to your fading face I will
always go.

You aren’t my Everything, but
you’re my everything else.
A perfect piece to a broken part.
Stitched my heart with false starts
and some memories of undeserved
Cross my heart, I hope to die
If ever I did hurt you with my fear and lies.

We’re just both working for Maslow’s
highest and anywhere I’d go
with you to tag along and find it.
You aren’t my all, but you’re my damn-near-close.

You aren’t my Everything, but
your my everything else. A
perfect piece to my broken parts.

I’ll make it worth your while if
you promise your heart.
I’ll give you all which required
save the basic rights of self.
With My life, I’d be your help

My Nora to your Jay
and I’ll stick by your side
with all my hope-to-dies.

You aren’t my Everything,but
you’re my everything else.
A perfect part to my damn-near broken part.

Too Far Lost

God, my love,
has taken me too far.

I’ll have you now as you
were then. You don’t
know what you cause in me
and I’m the one to blame.

This love leaves me
exhausted and here
I’ll call out for more.

The more I get, the
more desperate
I get.

Is this all in my
head? Am I not
really stuck in
something overhead
and too far