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24 November (WIP)

Lie with me for an hour more –
lay me down with a night for us to sleep.
My day has been hard, your day has been long.
Basic desire is to end the
light in your arms.

Surrendering this day
with an embrace within your form.

Jesus Christ today was long.

The night draws near, the light has
been conquered yet we’re hours
apart and your face is set in silence.

Speak to me when you think my name,
Touch me when you say my name.
Surrender to the night when the lights
ease down.

And with me will you try to be a man
considerate and respectful to all things?
With yourself, be kind and forgive, and
to the rest of us beyond your light
brown eyes,
try to treat us with compassion
and be willing to be wise to us
mortal souls still yet with undecided

But at the night when the day
is long and worn, leave thoughts
of all the others at our door.
Take to me and ever belong,
a team together safe in our home.

When God Discovered He Was a Lie


So you’re telling me, right,
that this was all just a lie
to fit some grand design?
To make your lives easier
to deal with at the end of the day?

But I have been here for you ,
since before the first day
and then some before –
all to make you a member of my home.

Well no, I won’t go.
Invitation declined,
I’ve given you my all,
I’ve put in my time to make myself
in the image of you.

After all these years together –
after all the memories created.

I made you what you are today,
moulded you into something new.

This is a phase, I assure you,
I know you, I always knew you
better than you thought you knew yourself.

This is all I get, this
glaring stare because you
stole my words and rearranged them into
something hateable.

I won’t go.
I refuse to move
until you get it into your system
that I loved you enough
to put up with you.