The Tale of the Girl with No Name

‘I am the girl with no name,’ she cried out with a cheer.
Parades stood transfixed, ears willing to hear.
‘I am the girl with no name at all,’
She decreed with a bow and accompanying song.

All her life she
thought she knew what she was called.
A name like a flower which grew since before her,
twisted and twined around the body so small.
Talled as she talled, grew wide when her hips did too.

The name she thought,
still grew and breathed, always above her,
always sighted out-of-reach.
Watered and loved, no blemish to name,
soon preceded the distance which the girl

But then she met a boy with a beautiful name,
that tasted so pure, that tasted so good as her
lips grew the word stronger and lovelier each day –

And for a year more, he never used the girl’s name.
It all was a lie, the word she thought she knew.
There had never been a name, she was just only a ‘you’.

She accepted the bend of her flawed know-all,
perhaps, after all, she remembered,
it were weeds that grew too.

She accepted his knowledge as superior to her
own – for he told her things only a lovely named-boy
could know.

‘I am the girl with no name.’
They cheered and they twirled.
‘I had no name at all,
not one, three, or two.’

Second Draft from Nine Months Ago

Presence removed from my room after a night.
As simple as that.
I’ll still respond to your messages, but only because
it’s polite.

You asked me for words,
I gladly gave you a fist –
and when back home once removed of you,
gave hundreds of words and letters
to a man who could never compete with you.

I only replied to remain polite.

Twice denied, it’s a pity
of slight. But at least
I can say your name and think
of him at the same time.

Draft from 9 Months Ago

I’ll remember him tomorrow
but tonight I’ll make mistakes for myself.
Unattached romance from sex, a thing once promised
never to do. But I’ll prove my words with
actions following. Tonight I cannot think and
not can I feel the pain tomorrow from this night’s

All romances end with a death.

Tonight’s anyone’s mine to kill, to exact
revenge and break their heart to keep my own
stitches from falling apart.

I’ll remember him tomorrow, but tonight
I’ll fend and break myself.